This unique long lasting weathered teak is achieved using an oil blocking agent followed by a four layer specialised pigment coloured Polyurethane and sanding process.  Over five years eventually the weathered teak will lighten in colour if left to the elements, therefore it’s recommended to use an All Weather Cover during the winter months. Stong chemicals or physical abuse will cause damage to the finish. A power wash can be used to clean the furniture which will not effect the finish, while we do recommend at least a 6 inch gap between the nozzle and furniture.

The majority of our weave furniture is hand woven with Viro® fibre, a premium synthetic Polyethylene material. Highly flexible, UV and weather resistant, this fibre is designed to be insensitive to temperature differences. All Westminster resin weave furniture is easy to keep clean and virtually maintenance free.

We use 304 grade stainless steel in our products. Containing a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel it retains an austenitic structure at all temperatures. 304 grade is the most widely used of all stainless steels. Its chemical composition, mechanical properties, weld ability and oxidation resistance provide the best all-round performance. This material can show signs of staining or discolouration over time (commonly referred to as “tea staining”). This is purely cosmetic. We recommend using a stainless steel cleaner which removes the oxidisation and restores the metals natural glossy finish. Cleaning will be necessary more regularly in coastal areas due to salt exposure.

High Pressure Laminate is a combination of highly compressed wood fibre and resin, with a durable lightly textured surface, particularly suited for use outdoors. It is UV and heat resistant, weatherproof and highly scratch-resistant.

Westminster glass is toughened safety glass with a pebble textured finish designed for use outdoors. Only water should be used to clean Pebble Glass tops. DO NOT use house hold detergents which can react against the pebble finish. Pebble glass will fade over time. When water-soluble salts are carried to the surface by water, which evaporates and leaves a powdery salt deposit on the surface, we called this white staining “efflorescence” which should be allowed to weather away naturally especially on new tops, Any deposit remaining can be removed or reduced by treatment with clean cold water. Since the deposits are water soluble, washing down may result in the solution being partially re-absorbed. This may be minimized by using a clean damp spong, which should be rinse frequently in clean water. Chemical methods should never be used for the removal of efflorescence.

Aluminium is a proven lightweight material which is very strong and therefore ideal for use as outdoor furniture. The aluminium is powder coated to prevent oxidation and ensure years of outdoor use.

Westminster work with Sunbrella®, a fabric made of acrylic fibres with pigmentation added prior to extrusion, offering the rich look and feel of cotton. It will not fade or degrade and comes with a 5 year guarantee. Even in the harshest climates, Sunbrella® provides years of care free service guaranteed against the elements. Can be cleaned with water, bleach solution or by careful use of a high pressure washer. All Fabric Lounge furniture and cushions are required by UK law to conform to UK Domestic Fire Regulations BS5852 Part 1 & Part 2. A specialized FR treatment is applied to both the Quick Dry Foam filling and the Sunbrella Fabric during manufacture. This process means that the furniture/cushions are up to 3 times heavier than non-treated products, which keeps the furniture and cushions stable in windy conditions and additionally ensures the fabric is tauter which results in much reduced wrinkles in the fabric. Westminster only use superior Sunbrella™ fabric in the manufacture of our fabric products and are exclusive suppliers of the unique Sunbrella™ “In & Out” range of Natural, Taupe and Grey Sunbrella™ fabrics with flecked lines applied giving more depth and appeal to the eye.

Westminster use an advanced, high-performance foam designed specifically for outdoor cushions and furniture. The porous open-cell structure allows water to drain rapidly and fresh air to circulate freely. in typical spring summer days your furniture will be dry bobe dry within 30 mins – 1 hour.

Westminster offer a wide selection of parasols to suit all requirements, from smaller centre pole sunshades to heavier duty, multi-position cantilever parasols. Added to this, a new outdoor Pergola.

The heavy duty Sunset and medium duty Sunrise cantilever parasols are manufactured from high performance aluminium. Both parasols have 8 aluminium ribs with discreet, integral LED lighting strips and are available in two sizes: 3.5m round and 4m x 3m rectangular. They can be rotated through 360 degrees by use of a foot pedal and a control handle gives a number of different shading angles. The canopies are manufactured from 100% Spuncrylic polyester and available in Grey, Natural or Taupe colours. A detachable dimmer control unit is supplied as standard.

The unique colour coded concrete Standard Base stand comes with a stainless steel tube a removable handle and in built heavy duty wheels to allow easy maneuvering. Will take 38mm, 48mm & 58mm parasol poles.The cantilever parasols can only be used in conjunction with their specific base stands or in ground bases.